Important Week

Today I am hovering right at a loss of twelve pounds, and a 9:40 minute mile. I ran ten miles Saturday at that pace. I mapped out the ten mile trek through my neighborhood, and it was fun running. It was a beautiful, warm day and there were lots of folks out. Each turn saw families of all kinds out walking, working in the yard, throwing footballs and baseballs, and grilling. There was a good spirit everywhere. I’m glad to live in a neighborhood filled with life. When the sun comes out, this community teems with energy.

I became fatigued toward the end. I really need to run earlier in the day to avoid the heat, but I am not constitutionally predisposed to early morning anything.

After a rest day today, I plan to run five miles Tuesday, do some cross-training cardio on Wednesday, three miles Thursday, and then run twelve miles Friday. This will be my last really long run before the race, and should tell the tale. I hope to lose at least four of the remaining eight pounds I need by Sunday, but that may be too optimistic. We go on vacation the week after Easter, and I will do some running down there, but I know myself well enough to know that my diet may suffer (I think it is close to a mortal sin to diet while on vacation), and I will need to really work hard at it when I get back. So, we’ll see. I feel pretty good about where things stand at the moment.

It is Holy Week. We have services Thursday, Friday, and Easter Day. Lots of my friends in the ministry really dread these days from a vocational standpoint. The week can be draining. But I have always loved it, even with all the busyness. This week really is the reason we exist; the story we tell on each of these holy days is what gives life and meaning to all the others.

So it is an important week on many levels for me. I invite your prayers for the congregation, for me and all the staff, and for all Christians everywhere who walk this week in the shadow of the cross toward the light of the empty tomb.


2 thoughts on “Important Week

  1. draining though it may be, it is also an exciting week for connecting with people who are a bit more removed from the church. I too am excited about all of the services and the recitation of familiar stories. God be with you, Chris!

  2. We had a noon Good Friday service today at St. Paul’s. Fr. Bob had to stop the service twice to send us to the undercroft. Many of us left after the second stoppage but the ones who stayed had communion down there. What a crazy day.

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