Quick Update

I don’t have time to really write anything today, as Easter Day preparations are in full swing, but I did want to provide an update on yesterday’s 12 mile run.

Clarke and I ran the full 12 at a 9:31 pace. While that would bring me in around three minutes past my two hour goal, I typically always run a little faster on race day. So it should come right down to the wire.

I also weighed after the run – which is cheating just a bit, since my body was totally depleted of fluids, but, hey, I should get some added benefit from running 12 miles! – and was sitting at 191.5, exactly fourteen pounds lost since setting the goal. That leaves six pounds to go in two weeks. That will probably come down to the wire as well.

On a different note – Good Friday brought devastating weather to this area later in the day. A tornado touched down in the Murfreesboro area, killing a young mother and her nine-week-old baby, injuring many more, and destroying houses. Please keep all affected in your prayers.


6 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Just wanted you to know that your comments earlier about what a wonderful privilege it is to lead through Holy Week (rather than a dread) sustained me this year and I had the best Holy Week I can ever imagine. Thank you for your words.

  2. My mother used to remind me that “Hell is paved with good intentions”. A vivid likeness of a few of the tortured people depicted in Rodin’s Gates of Hell illustrates this for me as I consider the progress of my most recent good intention – the workout changes I mentioned in an earlier post to your blog. I failed! After a showy start I produced some fits and starts and culminating with a stand still. Pretty sad status report when I consider my need to follow through in this area.. This morning I revisited an image of the sculpture and read that Rodin would continue to work on and off on his Gates of Hell sculpture for 37 years, until his death in 1917. I found some truth for myself in that monumental unfinished project – I still have time to develop a new workout for myself.

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