A Note from Cathy McCall

Here are some words from yesterday from Cathy McCall. Since she wrote it we’ve had a twelve hour shift on the beach. After some sleep, I will update the blog wih photos and words about that shift and all that has happened. For now, enjoy these great words from Cathy: 

We enjoyed a good first night of sleep before being briefed by Arnab volunteer with Disaster Medics & Aleya, a volunteer with Lighthouse Relief. We will all be taking the night shift tonight- half of us at the Lighthouse Medic camp receiving and half at the Lighthouse Beach Patrol watching for boats. The seas are extremely choppy here the past two days. We found our that sadly the Refugees are being given a discount of half off the fare paid to the smugglers to make the crossing. Please keep these refugee families, those who have been here receiving them and our team in your prayers as we work together for safety and relief. 



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