Prayer Based on Psalm 46 by Kim Joiner

A prayer for a new year using Psalm 46 During the dark night I recall that God is a mighty fortress and always ready to help in times of trouble. I am in prayer for my brothers and sisters traveling through a stormy sea to a better life. 

I know they must be very afraid. I pray they can feel God’s presence and the fear will subside. 

Oh the earth is trembling and the mountains and rocks are being stormed with high gusty winds and treacherous waves. The Aegean Sea is roaring. The temperatures have dropped dangerously low. It is dreary and dark. Nations are raging. Cities are destroyed. Families are separated and loved ones are dying. 

The image of a calm river and flowing streams are calling to a new home. There will be joy again. I pray it will be so. I know it will come. Joy comes in the morning. 

God will help at dawn. I long for the sunrise over the horizon. The powerful sun will show Gods light. The wars will end. I long for peace on earth. I pray these refugees will find solace of a new home.

God commands us: Be still and know that I am God! 

The Light shines forth. I am still. I know God is always present. I will share the light of Christ with all I meet today. 

I pray this from a new day: January 1.2016. I pray this in a new place: Lesvos, Greece. I pray this for a new year: a peaceful time for all God’s children. 
  (Photo by Cathy McCall) 
When the sun arose the boats came. We carried babies and children. We assisted mothers and fathers and grandparents. We offered dry clothes, hot tea and soup. We offered the hands and feet of Christ. 


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